Enoch K. Enns

Father, Author, & Writer

Welcome to the tales told of the Portel Rhelms. Venture into worlds and places never thought imagineable and with characters and happenings crossing over and between all of them, joining the ordinary with extraordinary. Bridge the gaps and discover the purpose of life amidst creation and hope amidst despair.
"Every series has its start, but it's not always the beginning." -kalian

The Grand Series is the telling of a tale so ancient its unveiling extends to even the farthest of futures--known and unknown.

Looking through the eyes of Carls Locke, the Grand Attraction tells the beginnings of that which is to come, with no true sense as to why everything has turned nor how it came to be so. Its sequel, the Grand Illusion, will dive into the shrouds of deceit and give light to the silhouette of what is to come.

Join Carls Locke in a winding tale of mystery, suspense, and thrill, as he seeks to answer the question "Why?" to the happenings within the Grand Mall.

What of the illusionate? What of the Fallen Ones and Possessioners? He may be one of the few Enlightened, but he is far from being fully aware.
Written as an elaborative to share such feats as held by Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz, Fauldon's Dream is the rebirth of imaginative storytelling in an adventurous and original manner.

A short story turned into a novella, Fauldon's Dream now has its own sequel planned within the creative and captivating realm of Euphora.

Mentioned in the Grand Attraction, Euphora holds many secrets and characters that bear a role far greater than first intended. While not directly a part of the Grand Series, these standalones walk hand-in-hand and crossing over the main timeline.

Need adventure? Look no farther! Fauldon's Dream, surely, has what you need. Take it from Nomad... he knows his books.

The Grand Attraction

The Grand Mall is calling to everyone in its splendor and grandeur. Amidst such troubling times, its soaring success defies the crumbling economy. Little does he know just how significant the pinnacle of man's achievement is.
The world economies are collapsing as government shutdowns quickly pull the rug from beneath countless monolith corporations. Defunded and debunked, the era enters a blissful undertone of helplessness as everyone moves job to job, city to city, questioning the very fabrics of life and meaning. Amidst the struggle, Carls Locke finds himself lucky to receive invitation to the only place making most of the new depression: the Grand Mall.

Globally recognized for its innovation and lure, the mall boasts immeasurable awe and Carls and his family are just as overwhelmed.

And just as illusioned to the realms and realities at war within it.

Released April 4 of 2019.
Man's greatest attraction is oft his greatest illusion.
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Fauldon's Dream and the Karier of the Task

Join Mr Fauldon as he traverses one of the most bizarre realms imagined and discovers its significance yet to be fulfilled in the Grand Series.
Mr Fauldon is a man in need of a great adventure--and quite the endeavor does he embark upon when he finds himself hurled into the unimaginable realm of Euphora. Surrounded by a perspective he had never seen before, Mr Fauldon must come to terms with the many questions and curiosities of the mind as he journeys upon a task granted to him by the Great Keyno. But should he truly be the one to carry the stone? Does he have what it takes to accomplish such a daunting task? Or will his questions get the better of him? From a tattered tramp to the Karier of the Task, Mr Fauldon is in for quite the adventure indeed. Join him as he discovers the importance of clarity despite the bizarreness of the mind in a prequel to the Grand Attraction.

Released January 13 of 2017.
Let no mind be bound from the endless creativity within it.
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The Grand Attraction

In an era where the economy is crumbling and mankind is desperate for rebirth of social structure, a grand attraction is erected. In its walls, mankind finds himself surrounded by the illusion of prosperity and escapes the labors of the otherwise oppressive cities of the world.
Carls Locke is one of the few to make it in an era where the economy structures once known to man are now crumbling. Few care to reside in a single place while they wander aimlessly city to city and job to job as the  once great empire buildings begin to collapse in a global bankruptcy. Oddly enough, Mr. Locke is offered a much needed holiday break from the many overclocked hours.
Not wanting to miss an opportunity to visit the acclaimed Grand Mall, Mr. Locke takes his wife and daughter on a trip soon to shake the very foundations of reality. With the world already undergoing a change drastic as it is, what could be the meaning of a place so grand as the Mall? How could such a prosperous ressurection be possible when the currency of the world has lost all value? How is it still thriving as a market and economy self-sustained?

Released June 29 of 2015.
First Print 2015 Edition
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