Enoch K. Enns

Father, Writer, & Author


THE GRAND ATTRACTION: PARTS I-IVĀ "Enns crafts a complex and well rendered world set in a dimension between realities in this engaging novel. Carls Locke embarks on a frantic quest to save his missing daughter, a journey through a hellish realm full of danger and magic in which he is pursued around every corner by nightmarish creatures. Wonderfully original and featuring a number of compelling characters and settings, Enns's novel is an edge-of-the-seat adventure and a touching story about the lengths a father will go to protect his daughter."

BookLife Prize for Fiction

FAULDON'S DREAM AND THE KARIER OF THE TASK "I absolutely loved reading this book! It is a super fun story, filled with creative creatures, a unique world, and a variety of characters (Still trying to pick my favorite one!). The writing style may take people by surprise. I would describe it as old timey English with streaks of modern and having bits of randomness thrown in as well, making for a very unique read. I personally enjoyed the blend of antique and new.
"I really appreciate how Enns writes deeply and even poetically at times. Kids can enjoy the fun story, but adults can go deeper if they want to and pull tidbits of wisdom, thought-provoking ideas, and encouragement from this book. It left me feeling uplifted and also challenged to strive for honor. AND intrigued to know more! I really recommend this book and think Enns has the potential to go places with his writing!"

Amazon Customer

FAULDON'S DREAM AND THE KARIER OF THE TASK "I absolutely loved it! I could tell, within the first three pages, that Fauldon's Dream and the Karier of the Task was going to be a thrilling ride. Great quotable characters, intriguing use of wordage, and a new realm ripe for exploration. I would recommend this wonderful book to anyone in need of a light, but slightly deep, and a quick, but leisurely, new adventure. In the famous words of Sir Knowington himself, "Shall we be off?"

Rachel, Goodreads Review