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Enoch K. Enns

I love the mind. To me, imagination and storytelling are a facet of humanity that is invaluable. I surely have been entertained by it growing up in the tropics of Papua New Guinea. Isolated and deep within the vast mountains of the Upper Sepik region, you will find a small river known as Maluamanda. There, a tribe of natives dwells and it also was the upbringing of my early life for twelve whole years.

However, we came State-side on my fourteenth birthday, leaving all of that behind and starting over. Literally. It wasn't easy for me to adjust to the cultural differences of first and third world countries, but I managed and came to meet my beautiful wife and start anew with a family of my own.

It is my passion to share the fictional stories kept within my mind throughout the days of my youth and those that keep coming to me even now. You happen to be coming in during my journey through the Grand Series, of which the first book--the Grand Attraction--has already been published. This series spans a multitude of books and between each I will be releasing many other tales to both compliment and elaborate them. Such is the case with my latest title: Fauldon's Dream and the Karier of the Task.

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Reviews are quintessential to artists of any fashion. While many do art apart from recognition, it is the awareness of such art that truly impacts.

Be it Marvel's latest Avenger, The National's new album, or Call of Duty: WWII's story campaign--"thoughts on the matter are a matter worth thinking."


From abridged chapters of titles to come to small snippets of ideas yet to unfold to the sheddings of light upon topics only but mentioned in the Grand Series, th3g3ntl3man's blog is where it can all be found.

With the publication of Fauldon's Dream, stories from the realm of Euphora will be appearing throughout the blog in preperation for its followup--a sequel to be the prequel to the third installment of the Grand Series.

Curious as to what occurs in the Grand Illusion? Curious as to what you may have missed in the Grand Attraction? Want to know more about the Portel Rhelms?

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